Our Policies

Company Policies and Guidelines

1. General Conduct and Office Etiquette
  • Use of mobile phones for personal calls, chatting, or surfing social network websites is not permitted during office hours.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited on the entire premises.
  • Freelancing or working on non-company projects is not allowed within the office. Violation of this rule will result in immediate termination.
  • Employees should address each other by their first names only. Titles such as “sir,” “madam,” “bhai,” or “bahen” are not permitted.
  • Poor performance should be reported directly to management. Bullying or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
2. Data Security and Equipment Use
  • Personal devices like pendrives, external hard disks, and laptops are not allowed without prior permission.
  • Use of personal email for company projects is prohibited. Company email accounts should not be used for personal communication.
  • Do not add non-company members to company Skype accounts.
3. Employee Documentation
  • National ID and address proof must be submitted before joining the company. Disclosure of any past criminal records is required.
  • Experienced employees must provide the last three months' salary slips and an experience letter from their previous employer.
4. Office Hours and Leave Policy
  • Office hours are from 10:00 AM to 07:30 PM, with a minimum of 8.5 hours of work required per day.
  • A minimum of 4.5 working hours is required for a half-day leave.
  • All Saturdays are off, except in emergencies, for which additional pay will be provided.
  • Leave requests for half or full days must be submitted at least one day in advance; longer leaves require one week's notice.
5. Salary and Benefits
  • Salaries will be credited between the 1st and 5th of each month.
  • The company will schedule 10 to 12 holidays annually, based on public holidays.
  • Employees will be on probation for three months, extendable by six months if necessary.
  • One monthly leave is provided; additional leave will result in a salary deduction.
  • Unused leaves will be carried forward and encashed in December. Employees resigning before December will not receive leave encashment.
  • A 45-business day notice period is required after resignation for knowledge transfer purposes. Early release is possible if no project dependencies exist.
  • Diwali bonuses may be given based on company profits and employee tenure.
6. Termination and Conduct
  • The company reserves the right to terminate an employee with less than one month's notice if performance is unsatisfactory.
  • Immediate termination may occur in cases of inappropriate behavior.
  • Contacting company clients outside the office or post-resignation is prohibited and may result in legal action.
  • No leave is allowed during probation or notice periods. Violations will result in salary deductions and extended notice periods.
7. Salary Increments and Performance Reviews
  • Annual salary increments are based on performance and calculated from the joining date for freshers.
  • The increment amount will depend on the employee's performance over the past year.